Custom Cakes

Custom made cakes are not cheap. Nothing that is custom made is. You cannot expect to get a cake that takes hours and sometimes days or weeks to make and pay grocery store prices. I have spent the last seven years practicing, gaining experience, taking classes, and purchasing equipment to provide high end cakes to customers who are interested in purchasing edible works of art to make their occasions extra special. I use only high quality, fresh ingredients and this is reflected in my pricing. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to working with you!

Start at $4.50 per serving for buttercream.

Start at $6 per serving for buttercream and fondant.

Start at $9 per serving for carved and 3D Cakes

Start at $9 per serving for dietary needs specialty cakes

*Start at-this is the lowest amount per serving for that type of cake and would be the price for the simpler decorated cakes in that category. Price per serving can rise depending on the amount of detail, work, and time involved in your chosen design.

Because all of my cakes are unique and customized to you, I cannot have set prices. Cakes are priced according to several different criteria.  The base price of $4.50-$9.00 per slice can give you a general idea of the estimated starting price of your cake.  Factors that add to the price include amount of cake sculpting; cake construction; fondant, modeling chocolate, and gum paste decorations; detailed piping (or other time consuming design elements); and delivery.

Cake Tasting and Consultation

The Tasting/Consultation fee is $30.00. This includes 4 flavor combinations of your choice for up to 4 people. For orders over $300 the fee is refunded as a credit toward the final balance of the order if you book with me! At the time of Consultation/Tasting, all aspects of your cake order will be discussed.

**All Tastings must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance**

Flavor/ Filling Options

2 cake and frosting flavor combinations are included at no additional charge. There is a $15 charge for each additional flavor after that

**Filled Cakes add .25 per serving**

Specialty Dietary Needs Cakes

We specialize in the moist and decadent desserts you crave, conforming to your dietary needs. Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Low Carb, and Sugar Free desserts are priced per order based on request. Please Contact for custom pricing!

Carved Cakes

These are an absolutely amazing centerpiece, as well as dessert! Each cake will be a unique design, and will require special consideration. Please contact for your special cake today!

 *Prices reflect basic decoration and design.  Additional costs may apply for more complex designs.

*Schedule an appointment to set up your consultation.

Party Cakes

Impress your guests with an amazing looking and incredibly delicious cake made just for your occasion. Cake is a single tier, filled with buttercream, and frosted with simple flowers or décor and writing (with a message up to 40 characters​).

*Additional fees for special ingredients, fillings, or decoration

$35 – 5″ round =4-8 servings

$45 – 6″ round = 6 – 12 servings

$54 – 6″ square = 10 – 18 servings

$60 – 7″ Round = 13 – 16 servings

​$65 – 8″ round = 15 – 20 servings

$75 – 8″ square = 20 – 25 servings

$84 – 9″ round = 20 – 30 servings

$100 – 10″ round = 33 – 38 servings

$115- 11″ round =39 – 46 servings

$130 – 12″ round = 47 – 56 servings

$150 – 13″ round = 58 – 67 servings

Sheet Cakes

$84 – 9×13 inch = 20-30 servings

$130 – 11×14 inch = 40-55 servings

$170 – 18×24 inch = 60-75 servings

*Check the FlavorPage to determine what your cake can taste like.

Smash Cakes

Smash cakes are 4 inches covered in buttercream, and fully customizable!

4″ Smash Cake $25

Carved Smash Cake $40

*Prices will go up based on complexity of design or toppers included.

Various Treats

Need something special that isn’t cake? We make it!

Macarons start at $2 each (minimum order of 6 if not included in a cake design)

Sugar Cookies  start at $35 per dozen (up to 3 colors, additional charge may apply for intricate decoration)

Mini cupcakes $12 per dozen (Minimum 1 dozen order)

Regular size cupcakes $25 per dozen, filling is $5 per dozen, fresh fruit topping $5 per dozen, custom toppers are $10 per dozen; (additional costs may apply for complex decoration)

Giant cupcakes (2 full servings!) $20 per half dozen, filling is $5 per half dozen, fresh fruit topping $5 per half dozen, custom toppers are $5 per half dozen

Cake Pops/Truffles $2 each (minimum order 6)) **all cake pop orders come with a customized carrier display!

Cream Puffs $5 each (minimum order 6)